Passion, Innovation, and Dedication are Eshopps core values. Everyday, we work hard to create simple, affordable, and innovative products for the aquatic industry. In 2015, Eshopps has once again stepped forward on starting a new trend in aquarium filtration with ECD, Eshopps Channel Design (Patent Pending).


What's ECD?

ECD is a new innovative multiple water channel design created by Eshopps. Water travel separately through each compartment once it enters the sump (Eshopps have already started the patenting process for this unique water channel design). In the current market, 99% sumps have only one water channel. Water usually travel through micron bag compartment, skimmer compartment, refugium compartment, and then go back to the tank. That’s how all the sumps are designed, and that how everyone believes a sump supposed to be: However, we started to question ourselves, what’s left in the water for the refugium after they have been skimmed by a protein skimmer? How can we make a sump that can optimize the benefit of having a refugium and a protein skimmer? Can we make it better? After countless days and nights surrounded by these questions, ECD was born in Eshopps R&D department.

Why ECD?

As an industry leader in filtrations, it’s important to be the innovator setting a new trend and be one step ahead of others. The concept behind ECD is to optimize the advantages of both natural and mechanical filtration at the same time. After entering the sump, water travel directly to the first channel through the refugium compartment, so the nutrients and protein from the tank will help to maintain a healthy refugium, plants like red mangrove or cheato to grow. Meanwhile, the second water channel travel through the skimmer compartment, so undissolved organic waste can be removed efficiently with the use of a protein skimmer. There’s no need for water to go back to the refugium after being skimmed.