Leading in design and innovation is a long held distinction for ESHOPPS. In 2015 we launched ECD, ESHOPPS Channel Design (Patent Pending) reformulating filtration technology by creating separate water channels within our sumps and refugiums. In 2016, we are proud to introduce our latest technology, EID, ESHOPPS INTELLIGENT DESIGN (Patent Pending). Once again, ESHOPPS remains ahead of the competition and unparalleled in the industry.

What's EID?

EID is a new set of technological advancements specific to our proprietary skimmer designs. At the heart is an innovative bubble plate called EDDY™. The EDDY™ Bubble Plate creates a cyclone of ultra fine bubbles at a cyclic rate. These bubbles are forced through spinning blades that act as baffles inside the EDDY™, lengthening the path of the bubbles through the skimmer chamber. This powerful arrangement of ultra fine bubbles is achieved while preserving low power consumption within the skimmer pump. The EDDY™ Bubble Plate is designed with ease of use in mind; it features an easy twist release action for dismounting from the pump. The pump itself features a Quick Release Pump Lock™ that slides away, releasing it from the skimmer base. EID technology focuses on even the slightest details, like creating a high quality transparent venturi intake body. The transparent body provides an immediate look at the material condition of the venturi. Lastly, EID technology ushers in the most effortless base removal in the industry. All EID skimmers feature a Twist Off Base™ that negates the need for thumbscrews. One simple twist of the base disassembles the skimmer body. No other skimmer features such quick disassembly.

Why EID?

Advancements in filtration solutions are ever evolving. ESHOPPS is committed to intelligent designs that combine quality craftsmanship, elegance and unmatched performance. The idea behind the EDDY™ Bubble Plate packs complicated engineering into a simple design. Skimmers work because organic molecules are attracted to air-water interfaces, EDDY™ exploits this effect by prolonging finely produced bubbles in contact with water. EDDY™ generates concentrated foam with maximum organic binding. The advantage of a transparent venturi body results in instant identification of calcium and sludge build up, prolonging the performance of our skimmers. Implementing a Quick Release Pump Lock™ and a Twist Off Base™ results in the fastest maintenance and service access available in any skimmer on the market. EID was carefully developed with the end user in mind.