Maintain proper water flow to your aquarium wet/dry filter overflow boxes. Rigid, plastic U-Tube is perfect as a replacement U-Tube or for custom aquarium plumbing projects. Large diameter U-Tube allows more water to pass through for efficient transportation of aquarium water.

Use 1" U-Tube as replacement tube for PF-Nano.
Use 1-1/4" U-Tube as replacement tube for PF-300, PF-800, and PF-1000 & PF-1200.
Use 1-1.5” U-Tube as replacement tube for PF-1800.
Item # Description
19005 1-1/4" U-Tubes

Model Compatibility

Series Model
PF-Series PF-300PF-800PF-1000PF-1200
WD-Series WD-75CSWD-100CSWD-125CS