The NEW Cube Medium Refugium features innovative design with dual water channel for an enhanced natural aquarium filtration. It features two separate water chambers, one for the refugium and one for skimmer chamber. This unique design enables the water travel through each compartment separately after entering the sump. The advantage of having two separated water channels is the undissolved organic waste can be removed by a protein skimmer, while having a completely separated refugium compartment that allows macro-algae to uptake ammonia, nitrates, and other unwanted nutrients. With Eshopps unique Channel Design, you will have a natural filtration system which helps reduce problems concerning overgrown algae or cyanobacteria.


  • Eshopps Channel Design (ECD, Patent Pending)-Dual Water Channel
  • Quiet Operation
  • Micron bag


Item# Model Dimension Skimmer
Micron Bag Tank Usage
29821 CUBE Nano 14"x14"x16" 7-5/8"x8-7/8" 5-5/8"x4-3/8" 3.5"x8-7/8" 4" 10- 35g
31811 CUBE Medium 18"x18"x16" 8-7/8"x11-3/8" 7.5"x6" 7.5"x11-3/8" Rectangular 35- 75g
15000 R-100 24"x12"x16" 8"x11.5" 9"x3.5" 10"x7" Rectangular 75- 125g
15005 R-200 30"x14"x16" 11.5"x13.5" 9"x4" 10"x8-3/8" 7" 125- 225g
15010 R-300 36"x16"x16" 15-5/8"x15.5" 11"x5-1/8" 12"x9-3/8" 7" 225- 300g

*The design of the product may change without notice in order to improve quality. 
Contact (626) 968-3678 for any clarification. Thank you for understanding.