Great Sump

By: seulater
From: Rockford, IL.

I have had a few sumps in the past, but they were on much larger tanks. I recently bought a Red Sea Max C-130, and decided to use a sump with it. I never bought Eshopps equipment before so I was a bit leery at first. When this sump came in I was happily pleased with it's construction and well thought out design. I love the filter sock to not only clean small particulates, but also to add my charcoal in as well. A bit off the subject but it's worth mentioning the other Eshopps components I bought to complete the setup.

Fantastic Little Sump

By: Brandon Coustette
From: Chico, CA.

This little sump is great, really happy with the fit and finish. I installed it on my Biocube 29, for more water in the system and better skimmer options. You can tell it’s well thought out and engineered well, it runs fairly quiet, fits well in my stock bio cube cabinet (I had to remove the cabinet shelf, but that’s to be expected). Overall I’m pleased with this purchased and the extra filtration it will bring to my Biocube.

Very Solid Unique Design

By: Justin Fuller
From: Yorba Linda, CA.

I upgraded from a CPR CR500 to this sump and glad I took the plunge. This sump feels extremely well built and has a lot of utility built into a small foot-print. Pros: 1) Compact Size contains Fuge and Skimmer compartments 2) Skimmer Compartment is large and should be useable for several different models 3) Use of white panels in the construction gives the sump a very modern look 4) Filter sock replacement is very easy Cons: 1) White panels can prevent vision in various chambers depending on how you position the sump 2) With this being meant for relatively small tanks, I would have preferred a larger Fuge area and smaller Skimmer chamber as there are several small skimmers on the market 3) Not all water flows through the filter sock (Fuge is fed first and by water that does not go through the sock 4) Cost - higher end of the cost scale for tank size it's recommended for Even though I listed several cons, these all only equate to 1 star lost for me. As a whole this Sump is a great option for smaller tanks and specifically smaller cube tanks since there has not been a lot of sump options in this size/shape.