Over 15 years ago ESHOPPS committed to bringing our customers the very best products for the marine and freshwater enthusiasts. Our achievements have been marked by the exceptional quality of our products and the loyalty of our great customer base. Our success would not have happened without you! At ESHOPPS, showcasing our customers and their stories is just as exciting as showcasing our products!

We are proud to introduce the ESHOPPS Volunteer Program! This program makes YOU part of the ESHOPPS experience at consumer trade shows throughout the year. We want to give you a chance to volunteer at our booths during our trade shows along side our expert technicians. We look forward to you sharing your story with others, meet fellow hobbyist and getting involved with the ESHOPPS experience.

It is easy to get involved. Open to all experience levels. Drop us a line or two telling us a little bit about your marine or freshwater hobby. Whether you are brand new to the hobby or an experiences aquarist, we want to hear from you and give you a chance to participate at our ESHOPPS booths during shows in your area.

Selected participants will receive an ESHOPPS shirt, promotional paraphernalia, and an ESHOPPS product as our thanks to you!

ESHOPPS volunteers will spend an hour in our booths at local trade shows, meeting and greeting other hobbyists as brand ambassadors and enthusiasts.

We are looking forward to have you join our ESHOPPS Volunteer Program and make you part of the experience at shows in your local area. Let’s Start A Story!


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