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Be Confident with ESHOPPS ALPHA-CLASS, ALPHA-FUGE Refugium designed for the Advanced Hobbyist incorporating ESHOPPS unique Triple Water Channel Design and an easy access Filter Sock w/ a clear removable lid. The ALPHA-FUGE Refugium Sump features a Large Protein Skimmer compartment with Dosing Tubes and a Probe Holder Cradle. In addition, a large Return Pump compartment with built in water level ATO Float Valve and a Hang on Multi-Purpose Media Tray. The Multi-Purpose Media Tray can be used as a in sump passive media filter. Additionally, the Refugium compartment has a removable ALGAE-BLOCKER panel along with a built in Bubble Trap with easy change Mini Filter Sponge. Be Confident that the ALPHA-FUGE Refugium Sump will meet all the demands an Advanced Hobbyist can dream of.


Item# 89254
Dimensions 30x14x16"
Skimmer Compartment 12x13.5"
Refugium Compartment 11-1/4x8"
Return Compartment 6x13.5"
Tank Usage 125-225g
Filter Socks Rectangular
Removable Media Tray 3x3"
Total Water Volume 28
Max Sump Flow Rate 1250gph