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Celebrate Creativity with ESHOPPS, AQUA-FUGE which features a NEW Creative & Innovative design. Featuring ESHOPPS unique Dual Water Channel Design (ECD). AQUA-FUGE utilizes two separate water flow channels. One for the Refugium and the other to the Protein Skimmer compartment. This unique design enables the water to travel through each compartment separately after entering the sump. The advantage of having two separate water channels is the dissolved organic waste can be removed via protein skimming.  Further, having a separate Refugium compartment provides an area for supplemental biological filtration.  Placing, (BIO-LUX or Macro Algae’s) within the Refugium compartment will facilitate the removal of un-wanted nutrients; such as, (Nitrates and Phosphates). AQUA-FUGE is an excellent choice for the Hobbyist Level aquarist.


Item# 12855
Dimensions 24x12x16"
Skimmer Compartment 8x11.5"
Refugium Compartment 10x7"
Return Compartment 10x4.5"
Tank Usage 75-125g
Filter Socks 4"
Total Water Volume 18
Max Sump Flow Rate 750gph